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Learning Check - How To Apply For Jobs Online

In this section, you will have a chance to test what you learned in the previous Online Form sections.

As mentioned at the beginning of this module, online forms are used for many different things. One of these things is applying for jobs. More and more companies only accept online job applications and do not accept traditional paper job applications. To practice using forms, you will fill out a fake job application. To learn more about applying for real jobs online, please consider taking Jobs 101 as a class at the DC Public Library.

The form below is a fake job application to become the next President of the United States. This form has several fields. If you have issues using the form, left click the Show Example button to see what a completed form looks like.

The information you entered on this page is not saved anywhere and feel free to use fake information as well to practice filling out the form. Once you are done filling out the form and all required fields, left click the Apply button.

Try It Out! - US President Job Application

Please practice filling out this job application. Always read the instructions as they provide useful and detailed information about what employers are looking for.

Instructions: Please fill out each section. Make sure to fill out all required fields marked with red asterisks (*). When you are done, left click the Apply button. To start over, left click the Reset button.

Personal Information

First Name:*

Middle Name:

Last Name:*

Address 1:

Address 2:



ZIP Code:

Email Address:

Primary Phone Number:

Educational Background

School 1

School Name:*






School 2

School Name:






Employment History

Employer 1

Employer Name:*

Job Title:*

Description of Job Responsibilities:*

Start Date:*

End Date:*

If you are still employed by this employer, please leave the End Date blank.

Employer 2

Employer Name:

Job Title:

Description of Job Responsibilities:

Start Date:

End Date:

If you are still employed by this employer, please leave the End Date blank.

Presidential Constitutional Requirements

In order to be President of the United States, the Constitution has three eligibility requirements:

Requirement 1: When is your birthday?*

Requirement 2: Were you born as a citizen of the United States?*


Requirement 3: How long have you lived in the United States?*


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